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We'll take care of your home,
as if it's our own.


For overseas property owners who need a reliable, well-established contact to watch over their investment, we at Korinia Estate Agency will take care of your property as if were our own – and our monthly prices are unrivalled at £25 to £35 per month!

Vacant/Unoccupied properties:

  • Once monthly property check-up for maintenance, security and infestations.

  • Open windows to thoroughly air every room.

  • Briefly run each tap and flush each W.C to maintain water flow through the plumbing system.

  • Arrange any necessary property repairs and maintenance works that are required. Quotations always provided in advance for non-emergency works.

  • Keep an up to date accounts sheet for your property with all incoming and outgoing expenses listed.

  • Pay utility bills, site bills (where applicable) and any other property related bills on your behalf.

  • Additional property check-ups following extreme weather conditions.

  • Additional cleaning, gardening and home improvement services also available as required.

  • We are very flexible and will do pretty much anything that needs to be done in your absence – from topping up your phone-card to dropping off a bag of lemons from your tree to a neighbour in November, feel free to just ask and we’ll get it done!


There’s nobody in North Cyprus with more lettings experience than us. We can admittedly be fussy about who we rent to, but it’s just because we care! Our landlords stay with us because they know we’re as diligent as possible, with no sales pitch and no jargon; just plain talk and honesty.

Rental management services:

  • Advertising your property to find a tenant (no tenant, no fee, of course).

  • Receiving monthly rents from tenants and promptly paying all funds to landlords in cash or by bank transfer as requested.

  • An up to date accounts sheet will be kept for each rental.

  • Preparing the rental contract for both parties.

  • Registration of your rental contract with the tax office.

  • Holding a security deposit paid by the tenants (usually 2 months rent for a furnished property, or a 1 month deposit for unfurnished properties).

  • Checking contents inventory when tenants move in and out.

  • Arranging for any required repairs or maintenance to be carried out properly, as reasonably and as quickly as possible.

  • Ensuring all utility bills are cleared when tenants move in and move out and all is settled before refunding the tenants deposit after they vacate the property.

  • Absolutely  a n y t h i n g  else property-related that the landlord requires of us.

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