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North Cyprus Rentals, Information for Tenants

Useful Notes for New Tenants

We at Korinia Estate Agency are here to assist you wherever possible, should you have any problems or questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to give advice to all of our North Cyprus rental tenants.

Electricity bills

are delivered monthly and are generally left in the electricity meter box outside your rental property (look for a slip of paper approximately 7.5cm x 14cm which says ‘Electric Fatura Bildirimi’ at the top). The bill must be paid within a month from the date of issue (Okuma Tarihi) to avoid a late payment penalty. The bill may be paid at a bank or at the main Kibtek office (the electricity board) in Kyrenia town centre. Failure to settle the account within 2 months and on the 3rd month Kibtek will often cut off your supply with no warning

it can be a long process to get re-connected. If you prefer, you can pay however much you like in advance at the Kibtek office, so that your electricity account is in credit.

Water bills

come monthly and are generally left in electricity meter box or just tucked in a gate or under the front door – be on the lookout for them! The bill must be paid by the due date to avoid a late penalty payment. The bill must be paid at the Belediye (council) office in your local area. As with electricity bills, you pay in advance so that you have an amount in credit. Water bills for properties in North Cyprus include your monthly charges for rubbish collection and other local authority charges.

Bottled gas

for those who wish to use a gas bottle heater in winter or are cooking with gas (in wich case, the bottle is generally located in a cupboard adjacent to the cooker), there is no true way of knowing how much is in the cylinder other than by weight. Once empty, remove the bottle and take it to one of the many suppliers, for example local news agents outlets on any main road. Pass them the empty cylinder and they will substitute it with a full one. There are many companies offering a door-to-door delivery service for gas bottles, which is preferable to most people, as the bottles are quite heavy when full.

Swimming pool

if your North Cyprus property has a privately owned swimming pool, it is usually your responsibility to maintain the water level in the pool and balance tank all year round. It is illegal to top your pool up with mains water. Tankers are readily available to bring the water to you. Unless previously agreed otherwise, the swimming pool maintenance is usually paid for by the owner, please inform us if your pool isn’t being cleaned, or if you notice anything unusual.

Power cuts

although these are a lot less frequent in North Cyprus than in years gone by, they do still occur, take the oportunity to have a candle lit dinner with a good bottle of wine! Avoid opening the freezer and fridge too often so as to maintain the temperature whilst the electricity is off.

Hot water

solar panels on your roof will provide ample hot water through the summer months and limited hot water when it is less sunny. Your property will also have an immersion heater to give additional hot water, the switch for this will be inside your property and should only be left on for 30 minutes to 1 hour at a time, which provides most people with enough hot water.

Water system

In most North Cyprus properties, mains water is fed straight to a water storage tank at ground level. A pump connected to the storage tank will carry the water up to your roof and it is then fed back down into your property. A switch for the water pump located inside your property should always be left switched on.

Water supply

most areas in North Cyprus do not receive mains water every day through summer. For example Alsancak currently receives  water every 3rd day. Try to be aware of when your water is due and most importantly, please be careful and sensible with usage.

Driving licence

You must be aware that you are not insured to drive here if you only have a non-TRNC driving licence. Should you require advice on how to obtain a TRNC driving licence please do not hesitate to ask, it really is a simple process.

Contact details

please ensure Korinia Estate Agency has your up to date contact details. If you are going overseas or leaving your North Cyprus rental property vacant for a period of time, please ensure that we have a way of contacting you whilst you’re away in case we need to reach you.


please check with Korinia Estate Agency or your landlord before taking on any animals, whether temporary or permanently. Most landlords do not allow them (whether they are kept inside or outside) and this could result in your tenancy agreement being terminated.


The owner's property/contents insurance not extend to cover tenants belongings. We therefore strongly suggest that our tenants take out comprehensive contents insurance to cover their belongings against fire, theft and other perils. In the event that the tenant or tenant’s visitor accidentally damages the property and rectification work is required, the tenant will be required to pay any excess that may apply to the owner's insurance cover.

Important notes for when you’re moving out

  • Please ensure that all electricity and water bills are paid and that you have the most recent bills and payment receipts with you when we come to finalise your move-out.
  • If the property is furnished, please leave all items that are listed on the inventory in the exact same rooms as they are listed.
  • The property must be left clean inside, including kitchen appliances and bathrooms. Our simple rule is: if a rental property is not left clean enough for us to move another tenant straight in, then it is not clean. In such cases we will charge you for the cost of cleaning the property.
  • If there is a garden, please leave it clean and tidy and free of weeds.
  • Please ensure that when we come to inspect the property, all of your belongings are removed and that you are ready to leave the property and return the keys.
  • Moving out times must be within our office hours.

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