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Solicitors And Law In North Cyprus

When purchasing a properties in North Cyprus it is important that you employ a reputable and experienced legal representative for sound legal advice and to prepare the documentation required for your purchase.

Korinia Estate Agency recommend our clients from the UK to appoint an English speaking solicitor from North Cyprus (Avukat in Turkish), here are details for some recommended Northern Cyprus law firms that our clients have used successfully to process their properties purchases:

Munir Akil Law Office

Email: munirakil@yahoo.com


“Munir Akil‘s legal history commenced when he was called to the Bar in 1972 in the U.K. as Head of Chambers and as a Barrister at Law.
He has been registered as an advocate in the Republic of Cyprus and Northern Cyprus since 1973 and is currently the only lawyer in North Cyprus entitled to practice law in both the U.K. and the TRNC.

Between 1981 and 1990, when he was registered with the Bar in the TRNC, he was also appointed district court judge and later senior district court judge. Between 1990 and 1992 he was enrolled at the Bar in U.K. where he practised at the chambers in London as a barrister and then from 1991-1992 Mr Akil worked for The Crown Prosecution Office in North London. His law company has chambers in Kyrenia in Northern Cyprus and currently employs 2 further highly qualified and experienced lawyers both with an excellent command of the English language.

Since his return to TRNC at the end of 1992, Munir Akil’s office has flourished and is highly qualified in Civil Cases, company law, Trademark, patents and copyrights. Also his practice has developed extensively in properties and conveyancing matters to provide a comprehensive and reliable service, especially for property searches and applications to Council of Ministers for foreigners to purchase properties in TRNC.”

Gurkan & Gurkan

Email: info@gurkanandgurkan.com


“Gürkan & Gürkan is one of the leading Northern Cyprus law firms with valuable local and international expertise in all areas of the Cypriot legal system and European and English Law. The firm is based in Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus and serves an extensive and growing clientele."
North Cyprus, has been a place frequented by all merchants of Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa throughout history. At the present time, again by virtue of its location, North Cyprus is as accessible as ever to foreign individuals and businesses.
Gurkan & Gurkan is the pioneer in Northern Cyprus as a truly international law firm that is adapting to the needs of its dynamic clients in the fast paced new business world. We are a comperatively small Northern Cyprus firm by international standards and we are growing organically through fulfilling our clients demands and through a progressive approach. We are proud of our open, friendly and responsive approach. This ensures that along with our understanding of your needs you will receive truly first class legal advice delivered professionally.
The firm is a registered partnership in Northern Cyprus and currently has two offices in Kyrenia. The North Cyprus firm employs six supporting staff and four advocates and legal advisers. The firm invested greatly in practice management sytems and law office technology in the past year and expanded the capacity of its offices and is looking to grow with new members of staff.”

Peyman Erginel

Email: peymanerginel@superonline.com


“Peyman Erginel is one of the most renowned lawyers in Northern Cyprus, experienced in dealing with immovable property issues and conveyancing.

Her law firm in North Cyprus is based opposite the Court building in Kyrenia and keeps upgrading itself upon the needs of international clients. Although the firm deals with local civil cases and family matters, it also represents some large Northern Cyprus banks, companies and prominent financial institutions. She has a great reputation in achieving successful results in trademark court cases.

After graduating from the law faculty of Ankara University in 1974, she opened her office in Kyrenia. The North Cyprus office is still growing considerably, approaching the cases in a friendly and helpful way. Her clients are well aware of her professional approach, punctuality and diligent work. Her firm now has five assisting staff including three lawyers and two secretaries. After a long, mature career of thirty years, she has a leading role in solving the legal issues concerning the ex-patriot community. Her husband, Taner Erginel was the Chief Justice of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus until February 2006 and is currently the president of the Red Crescent Society of North Cyprus.”

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