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Featured North Cyprus property in Karsiyaka
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North Cyprus Rentals

This is about as much information about North Cyprus property rentals for landlords and tenants as we could think of!  – but if you are looking for a property to rent in North Cyprus the please click to see our up-to-date list of currently available North Cyprus rental properties.

We at Korinia, the original North Cyprus Estate Agents, take much pride in being the most knowledgeable North Cyprus property rental specialists.  As you would expect from us being the longest established estate agents in North Cyprus, we have many years of experience in finding the right North Cyprus Rental Property to suit our clients’ requirements.

Click here for: North Cyprus Rentals information for Landlords

Click here for: North Cyprus Rentals information for Tenants

Long Term Property Rentals in North Cyprus

Renting North Cyprus villa, apartment or house for holiday or longer term

Northern Cyprus properties which are let on a long term basis are guaranteed income, property owners can make a choice of whether to furnish the property or not, though unfurnished rental properties will usually command a slightly lower rent. There has been a steady rise in demand for long term rental properties in North Cyprus and many North Cyprus property owners are reaping the benefits of having their vacant overseas investment rented for them by Korinia Estate Agency. Long term rentals in North Cyprus villas and apartments normally have 12 month tenancy agreements which can easily be extended after, if agreeable by both the landlord and tenant.

Buy to Let

Wise investment in ‘bricks and mortar’ has always been good advice - and with North Cyprus rental property demand far outstripping supply, now is the perfect time to buy a North Cyprus property and become a landlord! By buying to let, it is easy to generate more income through rent than a bank will pay you in interest. We will be happy to provide a free rental valuation if you already own a property in North Cyprus. If you are hoping to Buy-to-Let then we will of course be able to provide professional advice on what kind of property it would be best to buy and the best locations to buy in so that you can maximise your investment potential.

Want to rent before you buy?

If you’re thinking of buying a property in North Cyprus and you want to ‘try before you buy’ then renting a property for 12 months first makes perfect sense. We’ve seen a huge increase in the amount of people who are ‘testing the island out’ before they move here - and not surprisingly, almost all of them decide to stay in the end! Take a look at our Rentals page for a list of currently available rental properties or pop us an email with your requirements and we’ll be happy to help.

Holiday or Short Term Property Rentals in North Cyprus

North Cyprus holiday rentals are usually charged at a daily or weekly rate whereas our long term rentals are priced on a monthly basis. At present, we are not offering short term rental properties within our portfolio, but a simple internet search for ‘holiday rentals in North Cyprus’ will find you a number of reputable companies who can help you, otherwise please contact us and we’ll be happy to recommend some websites to you that our customers have been happy with.

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