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Shopping in Northern Cyprus

Shopping in North Cyprus is very enjoyable. You may make it traditional and visit well-known high street shops, or more exciting by visiting eccentric souvenir and gift shops, exploring the diversity of the Northern Cyprus flea markets and bazaars. Shops in TRNC are opened from 8 am till 1 pm and from 4 pm till 8 pm in summer; from 9 am till 1 pm and from 2 pm till 6 pm in winter. Open markets and bazaars in North Cyprus are opened before lunch time. You will find unique collections of Turkish pottery, silk, cushion covers, copper, bronze, onyx objects and Turkish dolls.

Jewelry shops in Northern Cyprus keep a great variety of gold and silver ware of unique design. Great shopping bargains in North Cyprus include the famous Lefkara lace, with designs inspired by the intricate clothes of the Venetians rulers of North Cyprus. The finest Lefkara lace is to be found in specialist shops, and is incredibly delicate work. The lace found in Northern Cyprus markets is Lefkara embroidery lace, which is more robust, and hence is better for everyday use. For a fun, functional and funky present, find room in your suitcase for a traditional North Cyprus wicker basket or two, or the colourful Northern Cyprus wicker trays that brings instant Mediterranean sunshine to any dinner table!

Cost of living in Northern Cyprus is cheaper than anywhere else in Mediterranean at the moment. The major supermarkets in North Cyprus are Lemar, Astro and Tempo market which offer the convenience of one-stop shopping. All taxi drivers in TRNC know how to get there and it is also easy to flag down a taxi in front of one of these stores when you finish your shopping. These North Cyprus supermarkets in Northern Cyprus stock a wide range of goods both local and imported. "Bakkals" are mini supermarkets that stock a good range of commodities but prices tend to be slightly more expensive than the larger supermarkets in North Cyprus. Nevertheless, Cypriots tend to buy things such as bread, milk, eggs and newspapers from the neighborhood "Bakkal". If you drink alcohol you can buy local brand wines and spirits for a couple of lira per bottle in North Cyprus. Local wines and spirits are good value and eating out is affordable.

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