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Northern Cyprus Restaurants

Northern Cyprus has a cuisine that is fascinating to people who eat well and enjoy eating.

As with its Turkish, Greek and Lebanese neighbours, the Turkish Cypriot cuisine is rich and varied. Meze's are often served automatically in North Cyprus restaurants when you sit down, prior to a set menu. A meze is Northern Cyprus starter and consists of a variety of hot and cold appetizers and salads.

Main courses in restaurants in North Cyprus normally include shis kebab (chunks of lamb or chicken on the skewer), lamb chops, grilled chicken, seftali kebab or fish. If you prefer white meat then we recommend doner kebabs. Kofte - meat balls with spices are very popular too in Northern Cyprus. 'Mineri', 'Lahos', 'Orfo' and 'Barbun' are the best fresh fish dishes that you might try. Make sure you ask for kalamari (squid) as starter at local Northern Cyprus fish restaurants. You will love the famous Cypriot cheese 'hellim' (halloumi).

All Cypriot grown fruits are tasty and juicy: oranges, grapes, peaches, melons, water melons and grapefruits. At the end of a good meal in North Cyprus a Turkish coffee is recommended, 'sade' (pronounced sa - de)means without sugar, 'orta' is medium sugar and 'shekerli' means with sufficient sugar (sweet). An old Turkish saying says you should "eat sweetly and speak sweetly" and sweets and desserts have always been an important and distinctive part of Turkish Cypriots' menu. Altogether there are about 25-30 basic recipes for desserts, with many local Northern Cyprus variations.

North Cyprus produces wine, brandy sour, and beer to accompany all local dishes. Ayran is a salted natural yoghurt drink that is also a traditional favourite. You should also try 'Raki' - Northern Cyprus tequila, but drink carefully!

Recommended North Cyprus Restaurants

ARCHWAY, Zeytinlik 816 0353

THE AMBIANCE, Karaoglanoglu 822 2849

MISSINA, Karaoglanoglu, 822 3844

DRAGON, Girne (Kyrenia) 815 5184

ALTINKAYA, Alsancak 821 8341

JASHANS, Karaoglanoglu 822 2027

EZIC, Girne (Kyrenia) 815 4466

NIAZIS, Girne (Kyrenia) 815 2160

CENAP, Alsancak 821 8417

BIZIM HAN, Karaoglanoglu 815 1276

COD BABA, Karaoglanoglu 822 2709

OLIANDER, Karaoglanoglu 822 2219

BEYTI, Girne (Kyrenia) 815 2573

PADISAH, Girne (Kyrenia) 815 9763

BURGER CITY, Karaoglanoglu 822 3577

CAFE DUKKAN, Girne (Kyrenia) 815 2200

DI FIGARO, Karaoglanoglu 822 4040

EFENDI, Girne (Kyrenia) 815 1149

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