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Religion in North Cyprus

While North Cyprus is predominantly Muslim, the islanders have always been very accepting of other religions and customs. An estimated 98 % of Turkish - Cypriot population of North Cyprus is considered Sunni Muslim. There is a small Turkish Cypriot Baha'i community in North Cyprus. Most other non-Muslims in the north are foreigners from Europe or elsewhere who are generally members of the Roman Catholic Church, Anglican Church, Matonite Church, Greek Orthodox Church, Armenians or others (Jews) that altogether make the remaining 2 %. Approximately 10 percent of the population in the north attends religious services regularly. In Northern Cyprus Kyrenia, the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Church of St Andrew's both hold regular services.

There are also services every Sunday at the Nestorian Church of St George in North Cyprus Famagusta. The faiths and beliefs of the Turkish Cypriots relating to religious bayrams have an important place in their lives. Some of the old traditions for celebrating bayrams are still carried out with enthusiasm in North Cyprus. The fasting month of Ramadan and following Bayram are celebrated every year. This is the time of paying respect to the elders by visiting them and buying presents or giving money to the children. Visitors to North Cyprus are usually offered Turkish type of sweets during their short visits. Local North Cyprus festivals are arranged by the municipality of each city or village.

North Cyprus is a place of very mixed values and beliefs, but where western and eastern cultures live happily side by side. Northern Cyprus is simply a place where religion, both the teachings of the Bible and the Koran are taken seriously and treated with mutual respect, but where you can still find evidence of the old gods and superstitions. In North Cyprus you'll find the contemporary and the traditional co-existing easily together. Northern Cyprus has a host of sensory experiences for you to enjoy.

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