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Places to See in North Cyprus

North Cyprus Nicosia

Nicosia is the capital city of Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC). You can find here gothic churches, historic inns which open their gates and welcome their visitors, colonial houses with their elegant balconies which now server as homes for commercial offices, or excellent restaurants. Even the dry moat outside the walls has been turned into parks and pleasure grounds for its citizens. North Cyprus Nicosia has been surrounded by sturdy stone walls since the Venetians built them to deter the Ottoman invaders. Eleven bastions were built in the circular walls. The Cephane bastion was originally the residence for the vice-president of Northern Cyprus, and now is part of the North Cyprus presidential palace. As you arrive to North Cyprus Ercan Airport on your flight to North Cyprus, you can easily see the outline of the walls around the city of Nicosia from the air.

The Great Inn in North Cyprus Nicosia was one of the first the Ottomans built after their invasion to Cyprus. Generations of travelers stayed in the inn before the British converted it to a prison, and later in 1893, into a hostel for destitute families. The Great Inn was extensively restored and it really gives a great impression of where you would stay in North Cyprus 400 years ago.

To visit Selimiye Mosque in North Cyprus Nicosia is the must. You can find it right at the heart of the old Nicosia city. There was a religious building on this site since 1193 when a small Northern Cyprus church was built for the coronation of King Amaury in 1197. The foundations for the greater French-style cathedral were built in 1209, but the cathedral itself was not consecrated until 1326. Work on the facade continued as can be seen in records showing men working here granted an indulgence by papal decree in 1347. This Northern Cyprus mosque was renamed the Selimiye Mosque in 1954 in honor of sultan Selim II.

The Arabahmet Mosque is a modest building set amongst trees and immaculate garden in Northern Cyprus Nicosia. The garden is lovely quiet and cool place to sit if you want to escape from the heat and bustle of Nicosia city, and features tombstones of departed pashas, gleaming white marble being originally brought to North Cyprus from Beirut.

You can also find public bath houses in North Cyprus. The Great Bath is the most famous bath in North Nicosia. This working bath house (Hamam) is a great place for relaxing Turkish bath experience.

Nothing reveals the spirit of North Cyprus more than a market. The main market in North Nicosia is the covered municipal market, known to all locals as the Bandabulya. The Municipal market is open everyday except Sundays.

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