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Places to See in North Cyprus

Northern Cyprus Famagusta

You can walk as long as you like amongst the old buildings of the Northern Cyprus walled town full of lovely little cafés ready to serve you a refreshing drink or Turkish coffee. North Cyprus Famagusta is a fascinating medieval walled city full of charm and lots to explore. From humble beginnings, during the 14th century the city of Famagusta grew to be one of the wealthiest trading ports in the Mediterranean. Legend says that the city was so rich its inhabitants ground up diamonds to season their food.

However, in 1571 the Ottomans invaded and laid siege to Famagusta. The city fell into decline, but a major restoration project of North Cyprus Famagusta began in 1996, and now the old walled city is buzzing once again. Modern Famagusta spreads wider than the old walled city and makes a wonderful place for a day trip and an excellent base for exploring the area. The walls form a rough rectangle around the city of Famagusta in Northern Cyprus. The most famous part of the walls surrounding the city of Famagusta is the Famagusta Citadel, or Othello Tower, which overlooks the modern Northern Cyprus sea port and the original Sea Gate, one of only two original gates in the walls, built by the Venetians in 1496. The walls turn inland back to the Land Gate, which is protected by the impressive Ravelin. The Ottomans called it the "White Tower".

Salamis is a great place to spend a day out in North Cyprus. Salamis was the most important ancient city in Cyprus and the ruins are still impressive today. Much of the site still remains to be uncovered from the sand dunes that have spread across the deserted city.

The monastery of St Barnabas is worth to see as well. This church was established in fifth century. It was destroyed by Arab raiders in the seventh century and the present church dates from 1756. Today the monastery of St Barnabas welcomes visitors to Northern Cyprus and many of its rooms are now part of the St Barnabas Icon and Archaeology Museum.

The former St Nicolas Cathedral, Lala Mustafa Pasa Mosque is located right at the heart of the old walled city of Famagusta in Northern Cyprus. From the 14th century this impressive building has dominated the square at the heart of Famagusta.

Kantara Castle is 26 miles North from Famagusta. Kantara was probably named by the Arab invaders and means an arch. In fact the whole setting looks like an arch and it certainly offers excellent sea view. Buffavento castle in Northern Cyprus was built, along with St. Hilarion and Kantara, as a part of the defensive chain against the Arab raids. Kantara is the highest of the three North Cyprus castles and is about 950m above sea level.

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