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Property Locations in North Cyprus

North Cyprus is often described as 'a corner of earth touched by heaven'; very few visitors to the island are not touched by the friendly and warm welcome of the Cypriot people, the relaxed pace of life and beautiful natural Northern Cyprus scenery.

The rich history of the Northern Cyprus Island plays a large part in its beauty, and over the centuries it has passed through the hands of many cultures such as the Persians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Romans, Byzantines, Lusignan, Venetians, Ottomans and the British - all of which have left their mark which is evident in the wide variety of ancient architecture. The British colonial era which ended in 1960 is certainly still evident and most Turkish Cypriots speak English to some extent which is most helpful to those newcomers who have not mastered the Turkish language yet! Nowhere else can you find such a superb balance between modern western Europe and the eastern Mediterranean’s easy pace of life. Whether you are enjoying a drink at one of the chic modern cafes or are dancing at one of the the lively kebab tavernas, the soothing call to prayer from the ancient mosques is often there to bring the warm peace and serenity only found in western Asia.


The popular tourist capital of North Cyprus is a popular property area. The Romans knew Girne as Korinia which is where our company name is borrowed. Originally a port for trade ships alongside the historic Girne castle, this small boat harbour has grown into a thriving town and is a very popular location for buying properties in North Cyprus. Most of the North Cyprus restaurants and cafes seen today at the old Kyrenia harbour (known locally as the ‘eski liman’) were originally large storehouses full of grain, fruits and other trade shipments.

During the summer months you can find Northern Cyprus tour guides and boat trips along the coast from the Kyrenia promenade and in the evenings enjoy a fine meal with live music as you watch the world stroll by. Just around the corner from the Kyrenia harbour is the main shopping street where you can buy anything from Turkish delight to a beatiful North Cyprus villa (via our old Korinia Estate Agents office of course!). Central Kyrenia is a maze of side streets and alleys with countless restaurants of all kinds and coffee shops for whiling away the hours. Detached Northern Cyprus properties for sale in central Kyrenia are hard to find and usually command a much higher price than other areas – though in North Cyprus are some superb modern apartments available at very reasonable prices.

The ‘old Turkish quarter’ can be found at the eastern side of Kyrenia town and here you can feel the real friendly neighbourhood atmosphere of times gone by with its narrow terraced lanes, cheerful old cafes and friendly local characters.

On the eastern coastal border of Kyrenia (Girne) lies the busy ‘New Kyrenia Harbour’ area where large modern freight ships arrive daily, it is also worth noting that this small area is the only place along this part of the (Kyrenia) Girne coastal district where four storey buildings are permitted.

The southern part of Northern Cyprus Kyrenia town between the mountains and the main road leading to the Nicosia (Lefkosa) roundabout is called Upper Kyrenia (Yukari Girne). This busy, mostly residential area has become immensely popular over recent years with new and old North Cyprus properties, apartments and villas often available at very competetive prices and central Girne still just a short walk away.

The areas between the North coast and the mountains to the East of Kyrenia and West of Kyrenia have become immensely popular over recent years. This is a place that is ideal for people buying properties as retirement homes in an environment best suited for the relaxed pace of life ideal for retiring to – and holiday villas on an island where you can truly un-wind while enjoying the company of good friendly people, healthy food, clean air and the beautiful scenery of the most unspoilt jewel in the Mediterranean. The coastal North Cyprus villages are almost all elevated in the mountain foot-hills, this is not merely because the ancient Cypriots liked to have a pretty view of the sea! – it was so that they could look out for approaching pirate ships who often came from afar to raid and plunder the civilizations of old.

North Cyprus map of Kyrenia and surrounding towns

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