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Featured North Cyprus property in Karsiyaka
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Karsiyaka £149,950

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Popular North Cyprus Villages & Areas, Heading West From Kyrenia

    North Cyprus Property West Location from KyreniaThe name translates into ‘olive grove’, originally a small village on the outskirts of Girne, now virtually enveloped by the Kyrenia harbour town and just a short drive to the centre. Northern Cyprus land in Zeytinlik tends to be flatter which makes the much sought after sea views harder to find but this is countered by its convenient close proximity to the shops and amenities of Girne. There is an annual Olive Festival held in Zeytinlik; a huge celebration lasting a whole week with games, folk dancing and of course, a huge selection of local foods for sale made with olives or olive oil.

    Just 5 minutes along the coast road from central Girne, Karaoglanoglu is a fast growing, thriving area with new shops and businesses opening almost weekly and is home to various supermarkets, some excellent North Cyprus restaurants, the Kervansaray public beach and the popular Girne American University. Karaoglanoglu, pronounced roughly as ‘Carol-Anne-oloo’, was named after a Turkish colonel who fell in the area when Turkey intervened in the Greek Coup in 1974 and the subsequent troubles caused by it. Our main office can be found in Karaoglanoglu between the popular Pegasos restaurant and the Lemar supermarket.

    Set in the low hills of the Girne mountains behind Karaoglanoglu is the small village of Edremit and higher up towards the mountains is picturesque Karaman. The lowest part of Edremit, called Çiçek Mahallesi (the flower district) has become quite popular over recent years with a good mixture of old and new North Cyprus properties and still plenty of undeveloped land amongst the rolling hills. Karaman being situated over 1000 feet above sea level has outstanding panoramic views from almost every Northern Cyprus property and has been popular with British people for many years.

    A hugely popular and very large area centred around what was once a small old village which has now expanded to include some of the most popular North Cyprus beaches, hotels and restaurants and recently even new supermarkets. The huge leaning monument on the coastline marks the beach where the Turkish troops landed in 1974 to free the Turkish Cypriots from their oppressors. Being such a huge district means there has been plenty of space for development without ruining the beautiful North Cyprus scenery and there are some fantastic new Northern Cyprus properties available throughout this area. With plenty of hills and ravines Alsancak has some excellent elevated positions with fantastic views of the Mediterranean sea where on a clear day (of which there are many!) you can see the Southern mountains of Turkey on the horizon.

    Just above the South Easterly corner of Alsancak is the pretty hillside area called Incesu (ince su translates into ‘thin water’) and further inland towards the mountains there is the tiny and peaceful village of Malatya. All of Malatya and most of Incesu is quite elevated with the beautiful views you can expect from an area in North Cyprus that is set along the side of a mountain; a perfect location for people who wish to be away from the hustle and bustle of town life and the busy main road.

    Approximately half way into the Alsancak district along the main road you can turn left onto a long road that leads right up into the mountains; following this road you will pass through the beautiful and scenic area called Yesiltepe (yesil tepe translates into green hill) which has a huge ravine running up alongside the road all the way up to the charming old village of Ilgaz. Yesiltepe and Ilgaz boast much sought after sea and mountain views with precious little North Cyprus land available for building, there are some excellent, yet small developments of villas available in these areas in North Cyprus along with a wide variety of older Northern Cyprus properties which not surprisingly are rarely available for sale!

    The district of Lapta contains quite possibly the largest village in North Cyprus. Lapta village which is tiered on three levels of the mountain lowlands contains many North Cyprus shops, restaurants, mini markets and skilled local craftsmen who can usually replicate almost anything you show them in a European catalogue picture for a fraction of the price; this village is fast becoming a small town with its own school, mosques, a church and all the local amenities you need. The Lapta area is quite large with many new developments of luxury villas in the hills and near the sea in Northern Cyprus. At the Eastern side of this area you will find the ‘Lapta Strip’ by the sea with some very popular North Cyprus hotels, bars and further along the coast there are some excellent sandy beaches.

    The sleepy village of Baspinar is set high in the mountains above Lapta village, indeed Baspinar is often referred to as Upper Lapta since the two villages have virtually merged into one and are covered by the same local council (belediye). The words bas & pinar translate into head & stream since Baspinar is at the source of natural fresh water springs which run along channels beside the roads all the way down to Lapta. Due to its elevated position the far reaching North Cyprus views from Baspinar are some of best you will find this close to Girne. The village itself is mostly residential with only a few small shops though it is only a short drive down to central Lapta and all of the facilities it provides.

    A huge and mostly rural area with a small old fashioned village in the hills and an even smaller old fishing village on the coast called Sirin Yali (which translates as ‘lovely sea-front house’); Karsiyaka has become increasingly popular over recent years as buyers move further from Kyrenia and the touristic areas in Northern Cyprus seeking the peace and tranquility of ‘old Cyprus’. The North Cyprus mountains are noticeably closer to the sea in Karsiyaka which makes for some outstanding natural scenery and set way up behind the village there is a beautiful ancient monastery for those willing to take the long walk uphill to find it!
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