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North Cyprus Rentals, Information for Landlords

Electricity and Water bills

Korinia Estate Agency will take meter readings at the beginning and at the end of all North Cyprus property rentals and we will ensure that the tenant’s and the landlord’s share of any overlapping utility bills are paid by the respective parties. If you are a landlord and you pay your utility bills by direct debit, then we will ask your tenants to bring the utility bills to us and pay them at our office each month along with the rents, so that we can bank the total for you.

Rental Property Deposit

A rental deposit is held as security against any unpaid rent, bills or damage to the property in North Cyprus. Your rental deposit will be refunded to the tenant promptly after the North Cyprus rental property is fully vacated, less any deductions that are required against bills, damages or unpaid rent. We request that tenants pay 2 months’ rent as a deposit, along with the first month rent in advance before the tenants can have the keys for the property.

Inspection of Rental Properties

When tenants vacate your property, as well as ensuring that all bills and rents are paid up to date, Korinia Estate Agency will carry out a property inspection. With this inspection we will check that your property contents matches what is on the inventory, that the property is clean (our rule of thumb is that if it is not clean enough to move another tenant straight in, then it is not clean) and that the property is left in good condition. We do have to allow for a certain amount of ‘wear and tear’ on the property, depending on how long the tenants have been renting the property for, which is something that we are only able to judge from having many years of experience with North Cyprus rentals.

If your North Cyprus property has a garden and it was agreed that the tenants would maintain it, then we will also check that the garden is free of weeds and debris, although please take note that we cannot charge tenants if one of your prized garden flowers has died during the tenancy! If you have a lovingly maintained garden then our advice is to arrange for a regular gardener and just include the cost of this within the rent.

Rental tax

Rental tax must be paid for all property rentals in Northern Cyprus. The TRNC government issues heavy fines for all non-paying landlords who are caught, irrespective of whether the rental period was for 1 week or 1 year. All new North Cyprus rental contracts must be stamped and registered at the tax office and there is a small registration/stamping fee for each contract.  Taxes and government fees are prone to change in North Cyprus, so please contact us for up-to-date information on the current charges.

For landlords who are using our Property Management services, Korinia Estate Agency will pay your rental tax on a monthly basis from your rents that are paid as part of the service - and all receipts will be kept on file for the landlord to collect.

Swimming Pools

We advise North Cyprus property landlords to arrange for regular swimming pool maintenance themselves and include the cost of this within the advertised rental price – remember that a poorly managed swimming pool can cost more to put right than your tenants deposit will cover. All of our advertised rental property prices include the swimming pool maintenance fees unless clearly stated otherwise, so that the only responsibility that tenants have towards their upkeep is the electricity to run the pool pump and additional water top-ups required to run the pool smoothly.

Of the many swimming pool maintenance companies in North Cyprus offering their services, we have found H.M.S Pool Maintenance, run by Stephen & Iryna Smythe and Paul Moore, offer the most thorough and reliable service available with many years experience and countless happy customers. Feel free to contact them on the telephone numbers below for a free, no-obligation quote:

Stephen Smythe 0533 840 4312

Paul Moore 0533 847 5665

Iryna Smythe 0533 841 7517

Repairs and Maintenance

If you are using our Property Management services for your long term rental property then you can be assured that any property repairs or maintenance work will be carried out by our recommended tradesmen. Quotes for all such works will be provided in advance, apart from emergency repairs where we cannot contact the landlord immediately.

For further information about our Property Management services, please Click Here.


Korinia Estate Agency will retain a duplicate key to all Northern Cyprus properties that we rent for emergency access. Our duplicate keys are kept safely locked up and are not lent out without permission directly from the property owner. Tenants are not permitted to change door locks without the prior consent of the property owner.


North Cyprus property owners are required to supply us with an up to date inventory of the property’s contents. Korinia Estate Agency will be happy to write a full inventory for owners who are using our Property Management services.

Termination of a Tenancy Agreement

Your tenancy agreement is a legal contract providing protection for both the North Cyprus rental property owner and the tenant.

Unless agreed otherwise, our contracts state that the tenants must give 2 months written notice to vacate the property if they wish to leave before the contract expires, BUT in total they must have rented the property for at least half of the contract length before they vacate, otherwise they will be liable to a penalty. Landlords are usually required to give at least 2 months notice if they require tenants to vacate the property before the end of the contract.

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