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North Cyprus Land

Finding the right land in North Cyprus

Whether you need a small plot on which to build a single North Cyprus villa or if you are a large scale developer seeking that perfect spot for your next commercial project in North Cyprus, Korinia Estate Agency can help you to find the little piece of North Cyprus that you are looking for.

We have local Northern Cyprus land agents in all areas along the North coast who can find you the North Cyprus land that you require in the area that you want it – simply tell us your budget and which area you prefer and we will do the rest for you.

Invest in North Cyprus

North Cyprus is a relatively new area of the international property market for investors and as such there are a great many beautiful and unspoilt areas that are still available to purchase. Buyers can find incredible North Cyprus land with wonderful views of the Kyrenia Mountain range and the Mediterranean Sea at comparatively low prices. Talk to us about what you are looking for and we can help you to find the perfect plot for your prospective venture, some of our clients have literally doubled their overseas investment with our sound advice.

North Cyprus Land Measurements

Land in North Cyprus is measured in Donums and Evleks – 1 donum is roughly a third of 1 acre and there are 4 evleks in each donum.
Measurements are as follows:
1 donum = 14,400ft² or 1338m²
1 evlek = 3600ft² or 334.5m²
1 acre = 43,040ft² or 3 donums & 33m²

Overseas buyers can purchase up to 1 donum of land each, or a properties situated within up to 1 donum. Married couples are counted as one buyer, though people who have children over 18 years of age often assign ownership of any additional land / properties to them.


Northern Cyprus Land Prices

The price of land in North Cyprus varies enormously and there are many factors to take into account. North Cyprus Land that is beside the sea-side is usually more expensive than North Cyprus land that is in the mountains, though elevated mountainside land in North Cyprus does tend to have a better view of the sea. Of course, infrastructure plays a part in land pricing and you should always check to see if electricity and water connections are readily available in the immediate vicinity. The larger the plot you purchase the cheaper per donum it can be, though it is recommended that you check what percentage of the North Cyprus land can be built upon as each plot will vary - your architect can verify this on your behalf or you can check with the Planning Office in Nicosia, Korinia Estate Agents will always be there to offer you any guidance that you may need.

Korinia Estate Agency helps to find the right Northern Cyprus land for you

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