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North Cyprus Cities

Northern Cyprus Kyrenia (Girne)

North Cyprus' Kyrenia is a fascinating town, unique remains of countless civilizations, miles of natural beaches, calm sea, and mild climate, located on the northern coast of North Cyprus in a setting of great natural beauty.

It is an ideal resort for those who want to relax in a peaceful place, away from bustling city life. Hugged by mountains with the most magnificent scenery in North Cyprus, dominated by a crusader castle and fringed by turquoise seas.

A relative lack of North Cyprus property development has preserved the ancient Kyrenia harbour and visitors can explore Kyrenia's six thousand year old history. One of the attractions of Girne is historic Northern Cyprus Kyrenia castle. The castle was originally built by the Byzantines, and restored and reinforced by the Lusignans and Venetians and still retains all its beauty today. The castle is also resting-place of the world's oldest shipwreck! North Cyprus Kyrenia is charming and tiny harbor, full of yachts and fishing boats.

Just a few minutes drive away from Kyrenia, lays the fairy-tale castle of St.Hilarion with natural walls of rock blended into the ancient stone block walls.

Bellapais village is a charming sprawl of old farmhouses and Northern Cyprus villas dominated by a beautiful ruined abbey. Set in the mountains, just ten minutes above Kyrenia, a visit to this 14th century Lusignan abbey with its fabulous location in North Cyprus and pervasive atmosphere of calm is a must.

Throughout the Kyrenia region there are luxury North Cyprus hotels, self-catering apartments, picnic places and sandy beaches on both sides of the town. It is a great place to explore Northern Cyprus shops, markets and local cafés in late morning, strolling in the narrow cobbled alleys behind the North Cyprus Kyrenia harbor in the afternoon, or stepping out for a brisk walk along the promenade and sea wall in the evening.

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