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North Cyprus Cities

Northern Cyprus Guzelyurt (Morphou)

Guzelyurt is a market town situated in the northwest of North Cyprus, surrounded by lovely citrus groves.

Guzelyurt means "beautiful country" in Turkish and the town was founded by Spartans who brought with them the worship of Aphrodite. In the Middle Ages, the city was also referred to as Morphou but also Theomorphou.

The Guzelyurt region in Northern Cyprus is very fertile, with numerous underground springs. A large proportion of the citrus fruits are exported, and the remaining are made into fruit juice and canned for local North Cyprus consumption and export. In spring, the light breezes scatter the white orange blossoms from which you can smell the fragrance around North Cyprus Guzelyurt , while in other seasons the golden oranges and lemons shine on the trees. It is an ideal picnic spot for those who want to escape from the noise and rush of Northern Cyprus city life and to spend a day in Morphou Gardens in the peace and quiet of the natural surroundings. Northern Cyprus Guzelyurt contains one of the many churches in North Cyprus dedicated to St. Mamas, popularly believed to have lived as a hermit in a cave near the area. According to local legend, he was a hermit living in very poor circumstances and when the authorities tried to tax him, he evaded them. Soldiers were sent out and captured him but on the way back to North Cyprus Guzelyurt, he saw a lion attacking a lamb, escaped the soldiers, saved the lamb, jumped on the lion's back and this way came to town. His bravery earned him exemption from tax, hence his traditional attribute.

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