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North Cyprus Cities

North Cyprus Famagusta (Gazi Magusa)

Much of North Cyprus is like an outdoor museum, but only in Famagusta is so much historical interest concentrated in one place, a true special place for all to see.

Seven hundred years ago Northern Cyprus Famagusta was the richest city on earth; famed throughout the world for its mercantile magnificence. Famagusta's economy boomed under Venetian rule in North Cyprus, followed by trade routes that spanned the globe from England to India. In fact, the city was so well known that Shakespeare chose it as the setting for his play Othello.

Famagusta's new wealth spurred on a frenzy of medieval building, many of which can be seen today, including the Cathedral of St Nicolas, numerous houses and the remains of the fortified North Cyprus Famagusta citadel. Unfortunately the fortifications were not as robust as they could have been, and Famausta was taken by the Ottomans in the sixteenth century. Today the shell of the Famagusta walled city survives. The city centre of North Cyprus Famagusta has been recently renovated and retains much of its historical appeal.

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