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Construction in North Cyprus

Property construction in North Cyprus has witnessed a colossal boom since around 2004 when a combination of a healthy UK property market with low property prices in North Cyprus and raised awareness in the UK of North Cyprus, all contributed to an influx of property buyers from overseas.  As the government tries to protect North Cyprus from being an overbuilt island, the property market in Northern Cyprus is limited to the building of villas, houses and small blocks of apartments.  If you are planning to build in North Cyprus, you will have to follow the local construction laws. Currently, building is restricted to 20% of the land area on most land plots outside of Municipal boundaries and you can rarely exceed a height of two storeys.  You should also bear in mind that land areas in North Cyprus are measured in donums (1 donum = 14 440ft2 or 1338m2, 1 donum consists of 4 evleks, 1 evlek = 3600 ft², 1 acre = approximately 3 donums). When your construction plans have been approved by the District Office, you can start the building process of your property in Northern Cyprus.

If you wish to rent or buy a property in North Cyprus, Korinia estate agency is ready to help you. We can provide you with a wide range of the properties and additional services.

First step, you will take, is to choose a North Cyprus property that will perfectly suit you. We have a huge variety of “off plan“ properties to choose from. These are North Cyprus properties already designed by reputable architects and designers; which can almost always be modified to meet your requirements. This type of construction is advantageous, as you pay a fixed contract price which ensures you of capital growth during the constranction process. Precise constructional drawings, 3D images, plot and site location can be be demonstrated at our estate agency office and meetings with the architect to discuss alterations to basic plans are always recommended – Korinia estate agency are always available to assist you.

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